A message from the Christian Churches of Christchurch

We are invited to join in to support this united prayer initiative being hosted by the Christian Churches of Christchurch:

A message from the Christian Churches of Christchurch :-

“Churches Together Online Prayer Gathering – This Is VERY! Exciting…

Back in January, 170 of us gathered at GodFirst for the first of four churches together prayer gatherings!  The next one is scheduled for Sunday 03 May, 7pm.  It will be happening, online.  Please make every effort to join us via Zoom.  This is the link:

We are anticipating that 250+ will join us as we pray together for our town and our churches.  The event will be hosted by Chris Brockway and six other church leaders.   We will be sharing Communion together too as a sign of our unity, so please have some bread and wine with you.  Please plan to join us for the first online and largest prayer gathering Christchurch has ever had!  “

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  1. This is a unique opportunity, during the lockdown, for us to join in worship with our fellow-Christians in our local area. Chris Brockway (Christchurch Baptists) fully recognises that the sharing of communion is not something that Catholics will be able to do, but what we can do when that moment comes, is close our eyes and pray alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ; praying that one day, we may all be one, in Jesus Christ, our Lord…
    Peter, St Joseph’s, Christchurch (Catholic representative on CFoC)

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