Saint Joseph’s Youth Club

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Mpho Mojapelo

St. Joseph’s Church Youth Club started in the summer of 2010 in the days before our parish centre was built and was organised by Maggie, Bob, Liz, Giles, Maria and Gerardine. 2 sessions were held on a Friday evening at St. Joseph’s School, the first for children in Years 4, 5 and 6, the second for our youngsters at secondary school. On fine evenings, the children enjoyed the opportunity to play football and other sporting activities on the school field or they played inside with board games, bracelet making, jenga and team games – to name but a few. They bought tuck and ended the evening with prayer time.

After moving to the newly built parish centre in 2011, the two groups were amalgamated into one – open to all young people from Year 5 upwards. Over the years, some of our more actively involved young people from St. Peter’s have supported, encouraged and helped with different activities, such as cake sales, bacon butties after Sunday mass, Christmas card making – all to fund raise for Bamenda, one of our chosen charities.

NOWADAYS, we still meet on many Fridays during term time led by Maggie, Bob, Elizabeth and Gerardine. During the lighter evenings, playing in the parish garden is very popular but badminton, table tennis, table football, whole group games such as ‘Wink Murder’ and ‘Excuse me, Your Majesty’ are among other favourites. Tuck shop is still a highlight. Our prayer time, although usually at the end of the session, sometimes includes Adoration in the chapel before Friday evening mass. During Lent, we are invited to take part in Stations of the Cross. As our evening comes to an end, we sit quietly and prayerfully as we pass the candle around praying aloud for, and thinking of, our own intentions. Father Tom used to tell us that children’s prayers are very powerful so we think carefully about who or what we want to pray for. Maggie helps us to think about the church’s current liturgical season or feast day and how it is relevant in our lives.

We welcome all young people from Year 5 upwards.
For more information and term session dates, please contact:
Maggie and Bob 01425 274678