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As we come to the end of our Lenten journey and bathe in the joy of Easter we hear from the Co-ordinating Pastor of our Pastoral Area,
Fr John Chadwick:

Easter– 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

A very Happy Easter to you all!

Would you like a hold? Most of us get asked that question when a new baby arrives in our circle of family or friends. I remember being asked that very question by dear friends of mine last year on the birth of their first child, Gypsophilia. Holding babies is something I tend to resist, mostly out of fear; fear that I would drop her, fear that she would start crying. But Megan insisted and Gypsophilia was transferred to my awkward arms.

The first thing I noticed was her weight! For a little dot I felt the pull of gravity to the floor. I was rooted to the spot, seemingly unable to move. And then I stared into her amazing eyes, utterly mesmerised. And then my arms started to ache. ‘Would you like her back?” I asked eagerly.

Eastertime, dear friends, is a time when we are invited to have a hold; to be rooted to the spot, to be mesmerised by God’s eyes. We are being invited to feel the weight of the cross: Not the weight of its horror, horrific though it was; not the weight of our sins that were engrained into the very fibres of the timber, heavy though they were; not even to feel the weight of its power, though it remains the power station that continues to generate forgiveness to this very day for every single human being.

No. We are rather being invited to feel the weight of a man’s heart, the heart of Jesus Christ who decided you and I were worth it! Jesus did not cling to His equality with God. He chose to cling to us instead.

God bless.

Fr John

Co-ordinating Pastor of the Avon Stour Pastoral Area

Latest news about our Churches and public worship (Feb 2021):

Good news! Due to the local infection rate decreasing, some of our churches have now re-opened for public Masses or will be re-opening soon – for further details on individual parishes, please click on the ” Lockdown 3.0 Resources” tab.

Those parishes currently not in a position to open just yet are still live-streaming their Masses and you are very welcome to join online – further details can be found by click on the Lockdown tab above.  Remember, there is currently no obligation to physically attend Mass at this time.

We look forward to seeing you physically, or virtually, soon!

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Fr John Chadwick, Co-ordinating Pastor

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