Welcome to Worship



These lovely themed events are open to everyone and very popular.
We hold them once each term (though we cannot do so during the pandemic), usually at St Joseph’s in Christchurch, but occasionally elsewhere in the Pastoral Area

The event lasts an hour and a half and begins with praise and worship using contemporary worship music. Then we have one or passages from scripture and a short talk/reflection on the theme.  This leads into a beautiful and powerful  extended time of silent prayer/reflection where people can move around the building choosing from a range of ‘prayer stations’ to help them explore the theme and go deeper.  We come together again at the end for a final time of sung praise and worship


What do people say about these events?

“a wonderful reflective and uplifting evening”
“a lovely sense of calm and deep prayer”
“like a mini-retreat”
“truly a renewing spiritual experience not to be missed”
“The quiet prayer part was very powerful”
“a truly inspirational evening!”
“Welcome to Worship evenings have something for everyone”
“a beautiful, mysterious and humbling experience to be part of”

Photos, testimony and other details from our most recent event
7th February 2020


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