“Come to the Feast”

In 2017, we launched the initiative
across our Pastoral Area to help all of us (whatever our experience or knowledge) develop a deeper understanding and richer experience of coming to Mass

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It consisted of:

Taster Sessions, held in late September 2017, to help people decide whether or not to participate

Main Event, held over 5 weeks from late October to early December, with each week focusing on a different part of the Mass: 
     Gather – Listen & Respond – Give Thanks & Praise – Receive – Go!
People could choose to get involved in one of two ways:

  • Input for everyone at all weekend Masses, including a special introduction before Mass, a take-away information sheet, including suggestions for families, a children’s liturgy (where appropriate), and a special ‘bidding prayer’
  • Small discussion groups meeting across the Pastoral Area during the week to explore the week’s focus area in more depth using specially-designed resource booklets

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Youth Event, three Friday evenings April-June 2018 exploring the Mass,  presented in an interactive and engaging way, through games, activities, discussion, prayer – with food and drink!