Latest Guidelines for Attending Church

Updated 20th May 2022

In the light of significantly lower (and falling) Covid numbers locally, we are amending our safety guidelines.

FACE COVERINGS – worshippers can decide for themselves whether to wear a face covering, or not; we will cease requesting this. (For some time, the wearing of face masks in shops and on public transport has not been mandatory)

SOCIAL DISTANCE – the request to maintain a one-chair gap between different households will no longer be made; please use your common sense when choosing your seat(s); spread out, if possible…but also be aware that when numbers are higher, social distance may be significantly reduced – if this is a concern, wearing a face covering will give some protection

VENTILATION – windows will be fully open during Masses to provide good ventilation. Please be aware on those colder days!

Please do not come to church if you have tested positive or have any viral symptoms.
Sunday Masses continue to be livestreamed.
Guidelines may change in future, if circumstances change – we will keep you informed.